…wherein I answer the question “Where have you been??”

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I haven’t written. I know. I’m sorry.

This thing happened with the Pro-Life Action League:

PLAL 2014 40 Days

It’s been picked up by a bunch of other outlets — including Renew America, an outlet on the Right Wing Watch organization tracking list. So that’s new for me. The PLAL has writen about me before, but they’ve never plastered my face and name on their pages for 40 straight days without monitoring the comments being posted or the rhetoric — aka “this is war” and “culture of death” and “hit list” and “target on their backs” — springing forth from the vultures using their Lenten campaign to further incite the fringe of their membership/readership.

From Ann Scheidler, the Pro-Life Action League vice president and author of the original blog post kicking off the campaign:

We’ve asked for prayers that these three women who are so deeply entrenched in the culture of death will have a change of heart and come to realize that every aborted baby is precious.

It’s not that far of a leap to Father Frank Pavone, national director of Priests for Life, who said this in the Renew America post:

The pro-life struggle is not a debate club; it’s a war, and we have to start treating it as such. That means we do things that make us (and the opposition) uncomfortable, though these things are completely moral.

I have had so much support. From national organizations I’m keeping off the record for now, from friends, from other activists and from Catholics in my life who are horrified at the notion of their religion being used as a weapon to intimidate me and incite action from unstable individuals. I mean, let’s face it — there’s no other reason to pin my face to the top of your Facebook page for 40 straight days with my name attached.

Lizz Winstead wrote an amazing, moving piece in support of me and the two heroes I’m, frankly, humbled to be pictured with: #YouWereThereForMe.

Are you part of the, “1 in 3 women have had an abortion” statistic? Do you need or have you needed access to affordable pap smears and birth control? It’s people like these 3 who have risked everything so we could receive those services.
We went on with our lives; they made sure we could. I ask you to remember that time you counted on them.
Now it’s our turn to give back and give our public support.

And from Diannae Anderson who takes offense at their tactics in her piece “ProLife Activism and the Weaponizing of Lenten Practice”:

Lent, in my understanding, is not about working to convert others. It is not an evangelistic practice. It is primarily about internal, spiritual disciplines, the reworking of our own hearts. Using it as an evangelistic tool, without the consent and explicitly against the desires of the people targeted is to bastardize and undermine Lenten practice. It is to warp and secularize a specific spiritual practice to make it about a conversion to a political ideal.
Weaponizing Lent in this way is an affront to what our shared Christian faith means. It equates a political position with a spiritual practice, erasing Christians who think abortion should be a right and that reproductive rights are part and parcel of understanding our own humanity.


I have still been working! And writing! And talking! ICYMI, here are the clips from my recent spots on Huffpo Live and Arise News. There are more things coming, somewhat carefully and cautiously for safety reasons and legal reasons. I’ve been ranting on Twitter and Facebook about what’s happening, but haven’t formally put out a response. (I consider this more of an update than a response; I promise there will be one.)

Arise News Reporter Rewinds:

March 7 — starting at approx 35:00 and
February 14 — starting at approx 30:00

Huffpo Live was so much fun. And such a great discussion with amazing activists from the last clinic in Mississippi and a former Boston escort as well as Lizz Winstead in studio making sure my first TV-type experience wasn’t panic-inducing:

Abortion Escorts: Stories From The Frontlines

Thanks for sticking with me. Thank you to those who have reached out to tell their stories, push back on the PLAL from positions of faith and offered me everything from love to shelter to lawyers. I don’t plan to sit down as long as doctors are wearing bullet proof vest to work and residents of the Rio Grande Valley have to drive a thousand miles round trip to reach a clinic.

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  1. Katie, you are one LOVABLE activist warrior. Thank you.

  2. I am sputtering in indignation. Those sanctimonious m-f’ers.


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