Dispatches from the Sidewalk — Clinic Defense (NJ) 03/01/14

Trigger warning: sexism, racism, verbal abuse, NSFW, DV, sexual assault in the Vine posts

Note: This is what I do now, full-time. I’m completely committed to changing the face of clinic access in this country. If you can, consider supporting my work so I can do more of it by clicking HERE and making a one-time or recurring (just click the box) contribution. All the funding goes to equipment, travel to other conferences/clinics/meetings with pro-choice legislators/training new escort programs and supplies. Thank you!

This was a relatively easy week in New Jersey. And by relatively easy, I mean only mostly awful. There were some amazing moments, though. A companion made my day with a calm, measured, perfect response to the chase ‘em down anti. A member of the community driving by stopped their car and opened their wallet to donate on the spot because they thought the escort volunteers were awesome.

This week’s Storify — Watch and share (individual pieces or the full post):
Clinic Defense: Saturday 03/01/14 (NJ)

My new push is to tweet at legislators who claim to be pro-choice, but turn away from the harassment of their constituents. I urge you to do the same, without being spam-y about it. Respectfully ask if they know, why don’t they know, how can they ignore, and to please help. They were elected for a reason — to protect and serve the needs of the people in their districts. It’s time they stood up for all those people.

See you next week! And if you are an escort and want to join in, the posts come from all over the country using the #ProtectTheZone hashtag. We need as much material as we can get ahead of the SCOTUS decision on the MA Buffer Zone. xo

Recap of why I’m posting the videos, comments, tweets, and anything else I can get my hands on:

To aid in sidelining them, I will continue to post from in front of the clinics where I escort. My Vine feed is exclusively (with the exception of the occasional dog video because CUTENESS) devoted to documenting the reality of accessing clinics. You don’t need to subscribe or sign up; it’s a public website with a series of captioned 4-second videos. I mainly use the captions to include quotes and rants that don’t fit in the Vines. I also post through Twitter; if you don’t use that medium, you can read my feed right here, on this website over to the right side of this post.

Follow the #ProtectTheZone hashtag that NARAL helped kick off the day SCOTUS heard MA’s Buffer Zone challenge. I thank them for reaching out to those of us who spend time on the sidewalks and using our quotes/pictures.

If you found this post informative, entertaining, helpful, etc. you can subscribe to the Katie Speak Weekly Mailing which has all my posts, radio segments and activism info. You can also click SUPPORT to keep me speaking and follow me on Facebook and twitter. Thanks!

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  1. Glad to see you doing this. Thanks for your service to humanity.

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