Hal Sparks Radio Pgm — “SOTU and 1000 GOP Responses” (02/01/14)

If you follow me on twitter, you’ve already gotten most of my take on the State of the Union and the 100000 GOP responses. But Hal and I do it longer than 140 characters (Hey-yo!) and with audio fun. I obviously disagree that POTUS gave an appropriate nod to repro rights/access, but Hal and I both loved the Mad Men line because it so wonderfully set up CMR response and Rand Paul’s inanity.

All you need to know about Representative Cathy McMorris Rogers is in the NARAL graphic that accompanies this segment. Enjoy and pass it around. Here’s the Media Matters for America piece I referenced that fact checked FoxNews et al on the ACA: “Called on to Explain Big Story, Media Botches Obamacare.”

Policy Mic did a great piece fact-checking all the responses: ”Fact Check: What Republicans Got Wrong in Their SOTU responses,”. FactCheck.org handled McMorris Rogers on “layoffs” because of the ACA: ”Is Obamacare Causing Health Care Layoffs?” And, finally, a Spokane paper broke down the lies in the claim that “Betty from Spokane” was seeing a massive increase in her health insurance costs because of the ACA: “‘Betty in Spokane’ cited in McMorris Rodgers’ speech, declined health insurance options.”

Quick apology about my connection: anybody who wants to purchase a progressive radio station and deck it out with super equipment that’d rock. WCPT has phone issues; we do everything we can to minimize that.

Also, I’m running the segment after mine because the audio is too golden to set aside. Catch the Rush response to the SOTU if you can handle the misogyny. And Hal predicts the near future of the political fights — immigration, economics (i.e. jobs), ACA/healthcare, and ESPECIALLY clear division b/t how Dems and Repubs feel about a women controlling her body and make the same pay. Hal has never been more right: “It’s because they really do believe that women are less…and inherently weaker.”

Easy download/stream:

Enhanced audio: HSRP 02/01/14 — SOTU and 1000 GOP responses

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