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I keep meaning to get updates posted, but AMAZING things are happening and they keep getting in the way of posting stuff!

First, I quit my job. I’m officially my own boss again after 12 years of piecing together service gigs — trying to squeeze in activism, writing and media around other people’s schedules for the last three years of that. I’m a full-time activist and advocate, dedicated to expanding access to reproductive healthcare in this country. Why? Because THIS is not ok:

States Hostile to abortion Guttmacher

According to The Guttmacher Institute, 87% of U.S. counties have NO abortion provider and 9 out of 10 clinics report harassment. And depending on what happens with the SCOTUS decision on the Massachusetts Buffer Zone law, the harassment being experienced right now could spike to unimaginable levels.

I had planned to take my advocacy full time in the Spring, but the new Congressional session opened with immediate attacks on the bodily autonomy of Americans via a continued assault on democracy and Constitutional liberty. Rep. Bob Goodlatte (seriously, sir? LATTE? as a coffee drinking reproductive justice activist this was over the top for me) of Virginia said that carrying pregnancies to term “very much promotes job creation.”

Seriously. He said that abortion restrictions are his jobs plan for America:

Friends, readers, fellow activists: I just can’t.

So, as of February 1st I am all in. ALL IN. Pushing up my timeline has meant busting my ass to secure some revenue streams for the annoyance of having to pay rent. Those efforts made my Happy New Year!, “I’ll be posting more” promise slightly hollow temporarily. Also, I’ve been happily running all over to go to doctors and dentists because Thank you, Affordable Care Act!

My ability to tip the scales from doing important, but not so personal work for other people toward doing more of my own work (i.e. posting here, kicking off projects, traveling to set up new advocacy programs, etc.) is going to be proportionate to my support. If you read, listen, and follow me here and through outlets like Best of the Left Podcast, consider one-time or recurring contributions by clicking HERE and checking the “recurring” box. Know that everything that comes in goes to web hosting, equipment, travel, research and advocacy. Your donations fund real, on the ground work.

I can’t tell you what it means to me that you were following my work while I was still sneaking it in around a chaotic J-O-B and moving across the country — twice! — to find a home for my advocacy. If you can’t subscribe, know that my writing and media (when it’s available from hosts/shows) will ALWAYS remain free. Sharing my posts and clips and activism segments is extremely important and I’m grateful for everyone who passes on what I do.

Here’s to a kick-ass 2014!


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