“Pot, Pope, Pucks and Vaginas” — Dangerous Conversation, New Media Mondays (01/06/14)

So excited to be back on Dangerous Conversation with Scott Legere! We talked about EVERYTHING in this round of New Media Mondays. We touched on my work with clinic defense programs serving as an escort for patients at reproductive health centers, stopped to praise the Pope (again — this is becoming a habit), chatted substance preferences and pot prohibition and ended on my BLACKHAWKS!

I got the reprojustice stats from the awesome Guttmacher Institute and the tireless, fountain of knowledge that is Robin Marty.

The clip Ledge played of the awful “Gosh, I never thought about why anyone would have an abortion, but imma try and outlaw it” legislator was from Rachel Maddow via UpWorthy.

Easy download/stream:

Enhanced audio: “Pot, Pope, Pucks and Vaginas” — Dangerous Conversation, New Media Mondays (01/06/14)

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