Thursday Reader (12/19/13)

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A word…

Thirteen days. That’s when my Affordable Care Act created, New York State Health Exchange implemented insurance kicks in. In the meantime, I’m winding down almost two months without healthcare and the daily prescriptions that handle the rudimentary allergies (seeing/breathing –> sleeping) and headaches. Did you know Flonase is over $100 without insurance? Me either. Anyway…

Sleep has been my only weapon against getting completely, stuck-in-bed, unable-to-work sick. So I apologize for the lack of posts, audio clips, etc. January is right around the corner! I’m In the Tank For Obamacare! for a reason. Well, several reasons. (Read it if you haven’t and don’t send the “but it’s not single-payer!!!” emails unless you made past paragraph three of my post. That shit’s annoying.)

Anyway. Thanks for hanging with me through the end of a busy, excited — aka physically exhausting — year! I’m excited about 2014. There are things I can’t tell you about yet. Teases and info are coming the second week of January, after my self-imposed (by which I mean demanded by friends and family) vacation and sleep marathon at the first of the year. You aren’t reading things then anyway; you’re recovering from your own holidays. For some of you, that means more time in therapy. For some of you, that just means sitting down after the hosting marathon you enjoy, but collapse after every year. For some, it’s just a little peace and quiet the only time of year nothing is expected of you.

Enjoy the holidays. Schedule self care. Take time to breathe. We have work to do in 2014.

Shameless Plug(s)

“How Much Sex Do Women Want?” with Dr. Leah Torres, an OB/Gyn with a focus on health sexual practices and education

Racism and Sexism are Over, Right?? with Mychal Denzel Smith of The Nation.

And on Monday, Heather Parker is back with me to chat up her experience at the Sex Ed Conference: “Is Tech the Future of Sex Ed?”

Medicare You Can Buy Into

The Nelson Mandela Foundation

Michigan Dodges Democracy With Rape Insurance Bill, 12/14/13

My favorite three things:

No. 1:

No. 2:

Katha Pollitt does this list every year. I find her vetting of charities and organizations to be outstanding. Even if you can’t afford to give, these are always groups worth following, “liking,” subscribing to newsletters, volunteering for, etc. Check it out: The Progressive’s Guide to Holiday Giving

No. 3:

My favorite three things (round 2!):

I got stuck in a Margaret Cho spiral one night. You’re welcome.

No 1:

No 2:

No 3:

Go find and watch this entire special.


My Creation Vacation by the always awesome Cliff Schecter.

More great work from Adele Stan:
Right-Wing Reaction to Mandela’s Death Exposes Link Between Racism and Misogyny

If you aren’t on twitter or you missed this conversation, get caught up with Feminista Jones:
#RacismEndedWhen You Clicked a Hashtag and Opened Your Eyes

From Here Are All the Atheists in Congress:
“A few months after retiring, former Rep. Barney Frank (D-Mass.) also announced his nonbeliever status, a declaration he made more than 25 years after coming out as the first openly gay member of Congress.”
It is apparently more politically risky to be an atheist today than it was to be gay in Congress during the 1980’s. Think about that.

People who know more than me say this is important, so go forth and read:
The Homeschool Apostates

Because you can never have a to-read list that’s too long…
The Best Book I Read This Year from The Atlantic

FacePalm material:
IRONY ALERT: Rand Paul to visit to Detroit open GOP African American Engagement Office, propose free-market solution to bankruptcy

Glass-Steagall Fans Plan New Assault If Volcker Rule Deemed Weak

For people who still eat meat as a regular part of their diet and those who don’t:

Fake Burgers Will Save Us All! & Michael Pollan: Bad Food is Costing America Its Economic Health

Read all of the things from Lauren Rankin. My latest fav from her: A libertarian man’s surprising proposal: Gender quotas!

If you read anything online, you know you do this. A fun piece:
What We Hate Read, 2013

Go follow and read all the things from Joshua Eaton:
Timeline of School Shootings Since Sandy Hook

This is just one reason there’s a provider crisis in reproductive healthcare:
The Heroic Commutes of Abortion Providers

Podcasts & clips:

This is one of the most amazing things I’ve heard in ages. This writer seems sincere in his misogyny and patriarchal libertarianism. You simply have to hear it:

I’ve recommended Alexis and Jesse’s podcast, Disorderly Conduct, before and I’m going to keep doing it. They make financial issues, trade policy and the historical context of capitalism entertaining and understandable. With plenty of analogies, swearing and interviews — three of my favorite things.
This episode is particularly important and well done. Check it out: Trick or Treat, DisCon #5 on the Trans-Pacific Partnership and bond market vigilantes.

This “Random Rush” from The Majority Report is classic; it has the everything in three minutes:

This is a GREAT Inquiring Minds episode. If you haven’t listened to any yet, start here because if you’ve ever been sick, it directly affects you.

A recent BOTL on trans issues had some problematic clips and prompted what is becoming a great conversation on why language matters, how to be an ally, what the 101 terms are and why trans people’s voices have been so marginalized for, well, forever. This was the first commentary after the initial episode. If you’ve never heard the ending to a BOTL, Jay plays voicemails and responds, often reading emails and learning about issues that are new to him along with his listeners.
Wherever you are on understanding trans equality, jump in and then catch the episodes that follow as the conversation progresses:

Podcasts & clips (round 2!):

THIS is why you should be a Majority Report member. The initial interview is fantastic and Michael’s commentary on rape culture is can’t miss. You’re welcome.

Will Ferrell on WTF with Marc Maron. No further description need.

Episode 450 – Will Ferrell.

If you don’t already read Steve Horn at DeSmog Blog (and other outlets) and you care about the environment, you have to fix that right now. Start with his interview on Moment of Clarity with Lee Camp, a podcast you’re only unfamiliar with if you’re new to my site.

Podcast #275 – Steve Horn talks with me about how the keystone pipeline is ALREADY carrying oil and more [click to play].

I had a different Sex Out Loud with Tristan Taormino in mind, but since I’m already pumping you full of Margaret Cho, I’m leaving you with the awesome back episode. NSFW.

Sex Out Loud with Tristan Taormino | VoiceAmerica™.


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