Thursday Reader (11/28/13) THANKSGIVING!

Excerpts from my feeds

A word…


The internet isn’t big enough to hold all the things I’m thankful for, this year and every year, so I’m keeping it short. (Yes, this is me being short. I’m bad at it; it’s the holidays, deal with it.)

I am especially grateful that, for the first time in my life, I am surrounded by people who actually know me and love that person. They don’t care out of reluctant requirement. They do more than accept me. They want me as a friend — as real family, as a collaborator, a contributor, a co-resister, a fellow movement builder and a voice in their chorus. Thank you, all of you.

Shameless Plug(s)

Busy week! After being all telethon all day all week for two weeks, I was everywhere. Here’s a few places you can find me:

Dennis Trainor, Jr’s The Resistance Report: Don’t Mess With The Lady Parts of Texas
My Tawkers Live Chat: ICYMI Your Selfie is a Cry For Help
The Best of the Left Podcast, activism segment: Small Business Saturday
The Hal Sparks Radio Program: Voters Reject Abortion Restrictions, AGAIN (11/23/13)

My favorite three things:

No. 1:


No. 2:

Eric gets two number twos because he’s an amazing twitter follow:


No. 3:

Because the response to THIS nonsense from Jezebel was spectacularly awesome and empowering….

PS This prompted the live chat I did at Tawkers with Lauren Rankin (transcript in “shameless plugs”).


Attention conservatives: Domestic Violence costs the US more than $5 billion/year

Here’s how Walmart could pay workers a decent wage without raising prices via Mother Jones

I cried through this. You will too. Read it anyway. An Interview With An Abortion Doctor Who Can No Longer Do His Job

Anti-Choice Group Doubles Down on HB2

There are more than 90 vacancies in the courts. With the current 50/50 split between democratic and republican appointed judges, this development is HUGE. Judges last longer than presidential administrations. Senate Democrats Just Went Nuclear and Changed the Filibuster; Here’s Why from Mother Jones

You should be reading this blog and following Jaclyn on Twitter. Go do it now. I went to a Crisis Pregnancy Center. Again.

Podcasts & clips:

You have to watch this. HAVE TO. Even if you have a vague notion that the laws in this country are skewed and that we have a twisted sense of justice, you have never heard a rape survivor explain what it feels like to WIN in court and watch her rapist walk free. Courtney Andrews is the bravest person on the planet, and she was on Melissa Harris-Perry

I post Lee Camp’s stuff a lot because I dig it and we’re friends. If for some reason you gloss over the videos because I use them too much, watch this one. It’s the best in ages.

Rachel Maddow, audio podcast 11/20/13: Elizabeth Warren makes the case for economic populism

Hey, Iran was a thing this week! Michael Brooks explains:

The “nuclear option” and “filibuster rule changes” and “court packing” allegations giving you a migraine? Cliff Schecter and Sam Seder help you out: The Majority Report, Casual Friday 11/22/13









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