Hal Sparks Radio Pgm — Voters Reject Abortion Restrictions AGAIN (11/23/13)

Hal had me on to recap a very busy week in reproductive justice. And, in case I don’t remember to say it often enough, my gratitude for his insistence that these issues are covered on his show continues to grow with every spot.

When abortion restrictions are put to popular vote, they lose. Every time. Full stop. Albuquerque proved it AGAIN. The 20-week ban lost by a ten point margin because of grassroots efforts by pro-choice groups. Hal continues to hammer the point that this chipping away municipality by municipality and clinic by clinic is a concerted, long-term plan by the extreme right-wing. Which is a good chance for me to plug Robin Marty and Jessica Mason Pieklo’s book, Crow After Roe that outlines the legislative and court-based effort to overturn Roe v Wade.

Texas is AH-MAZING. The #TexasWomenForever telethon ROCKED with more than $54,000 raised from more than 800 individual donors. The next morning, however Justice Scalia spoke, giving his seal of approval on the admitting privileges provision that shut down 1/3 of the clinics in Texas and threatening to close more doors in the long term. This crisis continues and is about you even if you’re in a “safe blue state.”

We pause to say, “Fuck you, Rush.” Ok, we stayed FCC appropriate, but everybody knows what Hal and I were thinking.

I posit that Rick Perry think’s he’s god, which was corrected by Hal. Perry thinks he was appointed by god, a much scarier proposition.

And we took a few minutes for the ACA destruction plan uncovered by Talking Points Memo. I’m hearing none of it because I got my first premium bill for the NY state exchange this week which means I am officials ready to go for January 1 and comprehensive coverage! I dare the GOP to try and take it from me. Seriously. Try.

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Enhanced audio: HSRP 11/23/13 — Voters Reject Abortion Restrictions AGAIN

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