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A couple weeks ago I posted about my new collaboration with the folks at


A new forum for debate and discussion has taken off and I wanted in! Tawkers is a unique platform for uncensored, well, talking. (If you want to know why it’s spelled with a “w,” try out “Talk [dot] com.” Just know I advise against it and feel you should just trust me and roll with the kitschiness.)…I’ve officially teamed up with Tawkers as a Resident Host where I’m humbled by the company. I’ll be chatting up guests 3-4 times per month on every issue that interests me. Or any issue that interests you!

New live chats get Facebook event pages where you can ask questions ahead of time to be incorporated into the discussion, make the future suggestions and find out how the forum works. If you have a Tawkers profile, you can follow me there to get alerts on scheduled chats. I also announce them on Twitter and they’re searchable at the Tawkers website.

Next up is TUESDAY, November 26 at 7pmEST:
“ICYMI Your Selfie is a Cry for Help”
According to Jezebel, your penchant for shooting and sharing pics online are a “cry for help”. I’m bringing in badass intersectional feminist writer Lauren Rankin to discuss why this is problematic. We say, “Selfie Away!!” Read one of my fav pieces from Lauren and join us Tuesday!

You can RSVP for the free discussion at the Facebook event page and post your #FeministSelfie — or three or four of them — and join the venting and self-expression already in progress.

In the works are chats on the intersection of motherhood and feminism, dispelling cultural myths/norms, important and ignored foreign policy issues, what you can learn at a sex ed conference, and more! If you missed the first few, you can still access the transcripts:

“Accessibility is essential!” with Virginia Pickel
We hear about ‘bootstraps’ a lot around here. What if accessing your bootstraps wasn’t just an economic issue? How often do we — or more importantly lawmakers — consider people with disabilities? Check out Virginia’s piece on TX, the ADA and what if Wendy Davis had been disabled and tried to filibuster and join us to talk access!

“Who Cares About Foreign Policy?” with Michael Brooks
If it doesn’t happen here, why should we bother? Most Americans are overloaded with media and information, so where does news from beyond our borders fit? Broadcaster/Analyst Michael Brooks will tell us and discuss his latest piece for Al Jazeera America.

“Navigating Obamacare Misconceptions” with Heather Parker
“It’s terrible!” “It doesn’t work!” “It’s the end of the world!” A lot of nonsense has been spouted about the Affordable Care Act and the media hasn’t provided much relief. Heather Parker, an In Person Assister for DC Health Link, one of the state based exchanges set up under the ACA joins me to help dispel the myths about signing up for coverage!

I did one chat before becoming a resident host; comedian Lee Camp was kind enough to have me on. I don’t know if I lived up to the title of the tawk, “Lee Gets Schooled On Women’s Issues,” but the transcript is still up and you can check it out!

So tell me what you want to know more about, vent about, chat about and who you want to hear it from!

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