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If you follow my blog, you already know about what’s happening in Texas and how 248 of the 254 counties in the state have no abortion provider. Lizz Winstead — comedian, writer and repro justice warrior — thinks that’s as horrifying and unacceptable as I do. So she got together with Sarah Silverman and we’re throwing a last minute, crazy, star-studded telethon to get the tireless, inspiring, on the ground organizers the funds they need to access abortion care.
The Facebook event page has continually updating info on the line up and you can stream the show and donate at Lady Parts Justice

I’ve been pretty much everywhere building grassroots, online support for Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can Choose! talking up Texas and access to care on breaks from helping throw the crazy thing together (be sure to go thank the hosts for spreading the word!):
The Hal Sparks Radio Program, 11/11/13
The Matthew Filipowicz Show, 11/14/13
Lee Camp’s Moment of Clarity Podcast, 11/14/13
And TODAY I’m following the return of Cliff Schecter to The Majority Report’s Casual Fridays with Michael Brooks sitting in the host chair.

SO! Here’s the pitch –> The telethon is broadcasting MONDAY, November 18, 7-10pmEST from an undisclosed New York basement with a talent list that will blow you away. Lizz Winstead (also head organizing wonder woman) and Sarah Silverman are hosting with Dave Hill as the one-man house band. We have a Beastie Boy — A BEASTIE BOY! — as well as badass Lone Star State activists Jessica Luther who was a logistical magician during the Wendy Davis/unruly mob filibuster and Sarah Slamen, who’s video of interrupted testimony went viral as she shamed state legislators with articulate, pointed facts about their records.

My friends John Fugelsang and Dean Obeidallah — both HILARIOUS and wonderful humans — will be doing short sets along with Amy Schumer and Phoebe Robinson and a cast of crazy smart pundits and social justice poets, writers and advocates like Anthea Butler and Sally Kohn. Seriously, I could just put the line-up here, but you should instead visit the event page for Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can Choose (a take on the show Friday Night Lights which did a spectacular abortion episode — and also TEXAS, obviously). Watch parties are cropping up around the country. I’ll be live tweeting and moderating the FB page, so tune in and get in the discussion!

All the money is going to four crazy inspiring organizations that assist women with everything from funding their abortion to transportation to childcare. Go support them: Lilith Fund For Reproductive Equity, Whole Woman’s Health, Fund Texas Woman, and Texas Equal Access Fund.

And hey, this isn’t just about Texas. Wherever you live, they’re coming for your rights. Texas is in immediate crisis with 246 out of 254 counties having zero abortion providers, but don’t think the conservatives don’t want the Lone Star landscape to be a model for the country. We must — and we will — stop them here. We must stand for access to abortion without apology in the face of this heinous law. And then we take that message to every corner of every state and secure the right to bodily autonomy for our daughters and nieces and young friends and neighbors and all of the absolutely everyone!

Shameless Plug

My newest collaboration is as a Resident Host at Tawkers! My next live chat is Wednesday, November 20 with Virginia Pickel: “Accessibility is essential!”
Description“We hear about ‘bootstraps’ a lot around here. What if accessing your bootstraps wasn’t just an economic issue? How often do we — or more importantly lawmakers — consider people with disabilities? Check out Virginia’s piece on TX, the ADA and what if Wendy Davis had been disabled and tried to filibuster and join us to talk access!”
You can RSVP, leave questions ahead of the chat and suggest new topics/guests for future Tawks at the Facebook event page.

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Abortion Is a Medical Procedure, Lizz Winstead

Why Texas won’t secede. EVER. — Virginia Pickel

Americans Would Rather Work For A Man Than A Woman, Bryce Covert

5 Things Red State Liberals Want Blue State Liberals To Know, Laurie Bertram Roberts

Podcasts & clips:

I was a crazy organizer this week and TOTALLY dropped the ball here. But it’s fine. There’s a Podcast Recommendations tab at my website that has my regular rotation of shows I listen to. (It updates periodically, so consider the list fluid.)


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