Thursday Reader (11/07/13)

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A word…

I am a new Resident Host at Tawkers! Follow my profile, suggest/request topics and guests for live chats and get involved with this kick ass new platform. My first chat was today and the transcript is posted: “Navigating Obamacare Misconceptions.” Coming up, I have chats on why we should care about foreign policy and how the decision on HB2 in Texas affects everyone.

Shameless Plugs

I was on The Stephanie Miller Show Friday to discuss the Fifth Circuit decision in Texas that immediately eliminated access to abortion care in 248 of the state’s 256 counties.

My Obamacare Love Letter got some more love!
This moment is more badass than the Rolling Stone quotes because I dig the work Media Matters For America does so much. Thanks to Eric Boehlert for including my post in his write up Called On To Explain Big Story, Media Botches Obamacare.
And my friends at Raging Chicken Press — who everyone should be reading, reposted my piece as well with updates and audio: In the Tank For Obamacare!

My favorite three things:

No. 1:

No. 2:

I love these women. This day is why I moved to NYC.

Fight Back Texas

No. 3:

Attention Chicago area readers and friends: GO TO THIS! Both of these men are hilarious and rarely get to your city. Ted Alexandro and Lee Camp are having a duel headlining gig at one of my favorite venues, Schubas in Wrigleyville. Go early and eat, have local beer and laugh your asses off. Get tickets: November 15 — Ted Alexandro and Lee Camp at Schubas.


MUST READ: Anatomy of the War on Women: How the Koch Brothers Are Funding the Anti-Choice Agenda by Adele Stan

My new favorite thing from Lauren Rankin: “I Fund Abortions” Tumblr.

The latest from Dean Obeidallah: “Beware of Obamacare-Gate!”

Getting better: How Obamacare Will Affect Trans* Folks and Families

Texas needs us right now: Texas Abortion Clinics Turning Patients Away After New Ruling

It isn’t just about doing the right humanitarian thing; SNAP benefits the everybody: CHARTS: The Hidden Benefits of Food Stamps

The latest Al Jazeera piece from Michael Brooks: US Reparations For Iraq Are Long Overdue

Podcasts & clips:

My favorite “This American Life” in ages: It Says So Right Here

A whole bunch of important:

Two of my very favorites together in one podcast!!

I laughed out loud at Johnny Knoxville’s stories from home on this WTF with Marc Maron. So good. So, so good. Episode 436 – Johnny Knoxville.

A really important Inquiring Minds — cancer touches everyone and this was really interesting and oddly uplifting in places:

Seriously, how many times do I have to say that the Friday episode of The Majority Report is always a must listen? At least this once more: Casual Friday With Cliff Schecter, 11/01/13

Yes, yes, yes. Except for The Bean. I have other ideas…


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