New Tawking!

The news keeps coming!

A new forum for debate and discussion has taken off and I wanted in! Tawkers is a unique platform for uncensored, well, talking. (If you want to know why it’s spelled with a “w,” try out “Talk [dot] com.” Just know I advise against it and feel you should just trust me and roll with the kitschiness.)

Tawkers Mission Statement:

Our mission with Tawkers is to provide a real home for meaningful discussion on the internet. The idea came from spotting a surplus of places to share one-way views and opinions on the web, but none designed for two-way discussion, debate and discourse. Tawkers is custom-built for conversation in what we see as its purest form: two people leading, with an audience that serves to refine the narrative -not disrupt it- through apt, insightful commentary.

I got the chance to try the format a few weeks ago when I was interviewed on the site by my friend, comedian Lee Camp. It was fun and the transcripts remain available, so “Lee Gets Schooled on Women’s Issues” is still up! While you’re there, you can search old tawks, find interviewers that host fun and informative conversations and join in the tawks you attend.

I enjoyed the chat so much, I’ve officially teamed up with Tawkers as a Resident Host where I’m humbled by the company. I’ll be chatting up guests 3-4 times per month on every issue that interests me. Or any issue that interests you! Please leave suggestions and requests for topics and guests here on the blog or tweet them at me. I’ll do my best to set up as many as I can.

My first Tawk was tonight and with the Affordable Care Act exchanges being tossed around in the media without any real informing going on, I took the opportunity to invite my amazing friend Heather Parker to answer questions and debunk the myths! Heather is an In-Person Navigator for DC Health Link, one of the state-based exchanges and has a background in social justice work with non-profits and some legal expertise thrown in for good measure.

The Tawk was fantastic! We got some great questions, some specific and some general. Heather dished out some excellent advice for people who’ve never shopped for health insurance and we dispelled some common misconceptions. You can get the transcript of the chat, including questions and comments from listeners, at “Navigating Obamacare Misconceptions”. Heather and I are tossing around the idea of a follow-up Tawk before the enrollment deadline December 15, so if you’d be interested in attending leave a comment or question on this post and we’ll set up Part 2!

Coming up later this month, I’ll have Tawks on “Why Should We Care About Foreign Policy?” with a great new voice in media and foreign affairs and “Scalia Up in Your Uterus,” or what’s next for reproductive care and access in Texas and across the country in a post-HB2 environment with a stellar legal analyst/reproductive justice champion.

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