The Stephanie Miller Show — Fight Back Texas (11/01/13

Right now, if you are able, Lilith Fund and Stigma Relief need your help assisting those patients traveling great distance at great expense to access reproductive care. Whole Women’s Health closed 1/3 of its clinics without notice, calling patients the night before to cancel appointments. Give if you can and spread the word.

I joined Hal Sparks, filling in for Stephanie, to talk about Thursday night’s Fifth Circuit Court decision on HB2 which effectively shut down 1/3 of the Texas abortion providers effective immediately. Greg Abbott, the Texas State Attorney General — who gets more and more awful the more you know about him, won his appeal of the stay granted earlier in the week against the TRAP provision requiring doctors to have admitting privileges at area hospitals. Appeals courts in other parts of the country have struck down admitting laws, which means the next step for legal action is the Supreme Court — where Anthony Kennedy will likely be the deciding vote.

Texas needs us right now. First, to push back on all the “just let them secede” and “well, of course, it’s Texas” sarcasm. The activists there are brave and tireless and spend time on the front lines with little appreciation or recognition. Geography should not dictate access to health, life or Constitutional rights. Also, if you need a thing to affect you directly to get you motivated, this assault on reproductive rights isn’t going to stop at the red state borders.

In the segment, I mentioned the book Crow After Roe by Robin Marty and Jessica Mason Pieklo for anyone interested in the extreme right-wing’s long term plan on overturning my right to bodily autonomy.

If you want more on the court situation, check out Sam Seder and Cliff Schecter on The Majority Report the morning after the decision.

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Enhanced audio: SMS November 1, 2013 — Fight Back Texas

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