Thursday Reader (10/31/13)

Excerpts from my feeds

A quick re-announcement: I get asked a lot what I’m reading, listening to and what I’m doing with social media. And so, every Thursday — barring some other writing necessity — I’ll be putting out a round-up of what caught my eye so far for the week. It is by no means comprehensive or intended to replace your regular feeds. This is my version of jotting down what I’m up to. Send me feedback so I can add, lose, modify or otherwise improve this project.

Shameless Plug

Alan Colmes caught my contribution to Robin Marty’s Rolling Stone piece on ACA successes and had his producer invite me on. I really enjoyed being on the show; it’s easy to hear why in the segment:
Pushing Back on Right-Wing ACA Hysteria. I’ve been invited back on air and asked to write for the website, Liberland, so look out for me under the “New Voices” tab.

My favorite three things:

No. 1: That Lou Reed passed away this week is not my favorite thing. What’s been awesome is the stories, mythology, love, hate and remembrance flying around the internet. I highly recommend Marc Maron’s interview with John Cale on WTF from this summer and, of course, Rolling Stone’s eulogy of a man who’s musical influence you’ve heard and felt whether you realized it or not.

No. 2: Simply pun-tastic.

No. 3:

Thanks to MHP producer Jamil Smith for being awesome and seeing my frustrated tweet about the new MSNBC website. He got me the clip I wanted to share last week of the Melissa Harris-Perry Show round table on rape culture. Byron Hurt is my new favorite person. Watch and re-watch; absorb what he’s saying; and feel the hope of the next generation of boys and men being educated on consent.

MHP: Missouri Case Spotlights Rape Culture


These are writers you should have on your list:
Rhetoric of a Borderless World by Michel Brooks and Suchitra Vijayan

Even if the intent of the “personhood” and “fetal rights” laws were well intentioned, they have real affects in the real world — and denying access to birth control is just the beginning:
Pregnant Woman Fights Wisconsin Fetal Rights Laws

Yep. This is real. And it happens every day. So the next time someone tells you we’re post-racial and without a need for feminism (especially intersectional, inclusive feminism), whip this out:
When a Black Female Scientist Gets Called an ‘Urban Whore’

A new tactic to opposing Roe:
How Many Abortions Does it Take to Become an Abortion Provider? by Robin Marty

I’m giving the intro to this story to my favorite word creator. If you’ve heard me use the word “hilarifying,” Josh Holland is who coined it.

Women’s Don’t Like Libertarianism Because They Don’t Like Libertarianism from Bryce Covert.

Podcasts & clips:

RIP, Lou Reed
Most people who spend time with me know that music is one of those things that I love, but don’t spend enough time with. So, the songs, albums, and people that have imprinted on my soul have a profound and lasting affect. The friend who taught me to love Abbey Road, Hendrix and Houses of the Holy, handed me “Loaded” in a local record shop on the north side. Likely, he doesn’t even remember doing it. Mike, you gave me a gift that day. And many other days. Thanks for grounding me.
I happened to be on a WTF with Marc Maron kick this weekend. The last episode I made it through was Marc’s interview with John Cale. Just hours later, Lou Reed passed away. I recommend WFT a lot and can’t think of a better way than to commemorate Reed how he fits into music history with a heavy dose of gratitude that pioneers of his generation are still with us, creating.
WFT Episode 410: John Cale

The title says it all: “Tea Party Unity founder Rick Scarborough suggests a class action lawsuit against homosexuality.” Only David Pakman could pull off the proper amount of sarcasm balanced with the understanding that this mindset has an affect on our body politic and culture. People like Scarborough are fringe, but they have a platform and still need to be called out while we wait for them to go extinct.
The David Pakman Show, Oct 22:

Because I often focus on one issue and then have to go back and binge on things my favorite social justice, activist/artist friends were doing, here’s a double dose of Lee Camp who was killin’ it this week with the “Get up off the couch!” motivation:


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