The Alan Colmes Show — Pushing Back on Right-Wing ACA Hysteria (10/23/13)

Alan Colmes caught Robin Marty‘s piece in Rolling Stone, Six Stories of Obamacare Already Making a Difference, and had me come on to talk about my experience signing up for the NY state health exchange which lead to me proclaiming: I’m in The Tank For Obamacare!

We discussed the right-wing hysteria over the Affordable Care Act’s national exchange website, the difference between the state and national exchanges, which states participated and how the ACA and its health insurance reform provisions have already created real relief for people across the country.

Medicare For All and the next reform is the goal. Alan gives out the info on the current legislators with pending bills and we lament that while the ACA makes strides, there’s work to be done.

Alan and I didn’t have time to get into details on why the national site is having so many more problems than the state sites. If listening to Congressional panels and investigations makes you yawn and the partisan bickering makes you nuts, Sam Seder and Cliff Schecter dissected what actually happened with the exchange roll out on Friday’s Majority Report (which you should already be listening to):
The Majority Report, Casual Friday (10/25/13) with Cliff Schecter

I really enjoyed doing the show — especially chatting with someone who talks as quickly as I do. Alan has invited me back and asked me to write for his website, Liberaland, so look for me soon under the “New Voices” tab.

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