Hal Sparks Radio Pgm — Shutdown and the Return of Sanity? (10/019/13)

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I remain an eternal optimist, if a skeptical one. The poll numbers for the GOP have been drastically dragged down by the tea party intransigence in the House — to the lowest percentage since polls have been taken on favorability. People are legitimately angry and that anger overshadowed the shaky roll out to the Affordable Care Act. With midterms just a year away and those enrolling in the exchanges about to experience comprehensive health insurance — some for the first time in their entire lives, I see hope on the horizon.

Hal and I chat crazy vs pragmatism and how IN LOVE I am with Obamacare, how I’m not alone in my excitement as detailed by Robin Marty in Rolling Stone this week, and how the McCutcheon case heard by SCOTUS could rain all over my optimism.

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