Thursday Reader (10/17/13)

Excerpts from my feeds

My first Thursday Reader! I announced this in, well, the Announcements! post. I get asked a lot what I’m reading, listening to and what I’m doing with social media. Every Thursday — barring some other writing necessity — I’ll be putting out a round-up of what caught my eye so far for the week. It is by no means comprehensive or intended to replace your regular feeds. This is my version of jotting down what I’m up to. Send me feedback so I can add, lose, modify or otherwise improve this project.

My favorite three things:

No. 1: This won’t always be a selfish choice, but it’s just too awesome to bury. The always spectacular writer and reproductive justice warrior Robin Marty used my blog in her latest piece for Rolling Stone. Bad. Ass. Turns out I’m not the only one who loves Obamacare:

Six Stories of Obamacare Already Making a Difference

No. 2: The amount of awesome that this tumblr from Erin Matson exudes is spectacular:

White Guys Doing It By Themselves

No. 3: This would be awesome even if I didn’t know and love Dr. Jane with all my heart:


This Just In: Real Women Don’t Like Lust and other Anti-Choice Idioms from Robin Marty

House Republicans Hold Hearing on Why Their Shutdown Shut Things Down from Tim Murphy at Mother Jones

An Open Letter to My Fellow White Feminists from Lauren Rankin

Rand Paul’s Muslim Bashing: “Look, I get why Paul is desperate. He very badly wants to be President. But it’s not going well.” from Dean Obeidallah at The Daily Beast

Bad News for Reproductive Rights: Supreme Court Considers Campaign Finance Reform from Jessica Mason Pieklo at RHRC

Good News on Salmonella Outbreak: CDC Is Back on the Job. Bad News: The Strain Is Antibiotic-Resistant. from Tom Philpott at Mother Jones

House Republicans Hold Hearing on Why Their Shutdown Shut Things Down from Tim Murphy at Mother Jones

Six Supreme Court Cases to Watch This Term from Jessica Mason Pieklo at RHRC

Are ‘Trans Rights’ and ‘Gay Rights’ Still Allies? with Laverne Cox h/t Janet Mock

Podcasts & clips:

You just have to see this. They can’t even play by the rules they’ve created for themselves. No wonder the damn government shut down.
h/t @msofia7

Rachel Maddow delivers the best explanation of the debt ceiling I’ve heard:

Lee Camp’s second season of The Moment of Clarity Show is here. Episode one has Chris Hedges. CHRIS HEDGES. Also, more hate mail with the best straight man ever:

Daniel Goleman joined Michael Brooks on The Majority Report to talk about his new book, Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence and the emotional impact of wealth and poverty. (Audio Only]

Next time Soren Kiesel and Katie Goodman of Broad Comedy decide to be prescient, perhaps they can foretell world peace:

New podcast!
I’m already a Chris Mooney fan, so I was glad to see that he and Indre Viskontas had teamed back up to start Inquiring Minds for Climate Desk. They have a handful of episodes out. So far, this one with environmental journalist Alan Weismen is my favorite. They do headlines, discussion and then get into Weismen’s new book, Countdown:Our Last, Best Hope for a Future on Earth?

Another new podcast!
If Jesse Myerson and Alexis Goldstein didn’t exist, we’d have to invent them. I don’t understand monetary policy, but I know it’s crazy important. Disorderly Conduct makes the fed, the origin of capitalism and other mind-blowingly large, complicated issues get-able. I’m only on episode three and this is already one of my favorite topic-centric shows. If you haven’t caught it yet, start with this episode:


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