Changes are afoot! Relax, everything is going to be fine. Actually, don’t relax. I’m excited, so I encourage you to be excited as well. Things are in the works – some requiring new equipment and web hosting expenses. If you can, contribute to the expansion of Katie Speak and expect 2014 to be kick ass!

For now, here’s what’s coming up:

Weekly Newsletter

You may want to unsubscribe from my blog. Not spamming your in-boxes is part of why I don’t post here very often. Turns out, there’s a way for me to post more and not make you completely nuts! {sound the trumpets} A weekly newsletter! You can subscribe to the Katie Speak Weekly to get links to my published pieces, stream audio from recent radio/podcast appearances, keep up with my collaborations and find out what I have coming up. The email will go out every Tuesday starting next week.


When I filled in hosting The Hal Sparks Radio Program recently, I had more requests than usual for the podcast version of the show. I realized that so many people use iTunes to access audio, it was silly not to have my radio appearances available there. Huzzah! You can now subscribe to the Katie Speak Live Archives to automatically get clips from my spots on HSRP, Dangerous Conversation and anywhere else I can snag the audio without copyright infringement. The enhanced version that iTunes uploads isn’t always compatible with android phones and can take time to download. To accommodate as many devices and platforms as possible, I will always post the faster download-able/stream-able version under the KatieSpeak Live tab on the website. The blog version will also have links to topics discussed in the clips, info on where to hear the shows live and how to follow/read the hosts and other guests.

New Audio Blog!

Ok, this I’m really excited about. Not everyone reads, it turns out. There are a zillion reasons for this, many of them having to do with time and having to commute to work and life by car. And so, going forward I’m recording audio versions of my posts. (Not this one; it would be ridiculously boring to listen to.) The embedded mp3 at the end of each written piece is download-able and stream-able on both computers and mobile devices. They’ll be in the neighborhood of three to eight minutes depending on how ranty I am on the topic and I promise never to use NPR voice. I can’t do it and will not attempt to imitate the diction. The plan is for this to be a podcast you can subscribe to as well. As soon as there are enough of them and I can cover the additional web hosting platform, you can have the audio only version sent directly to your listening device automatically.

Thursday Reader

I get asked a lot what I read, who I follow, what I watch, who I listen to, etc. Also, twitter discussions leak into my talking and writing. For those who don’t swim in social media, I’m creating a weekly post that will publish on Thursdays – barring unforeseen other writing necessities. I am not making any attempt to be comprehensive here; this will just be a collection of what caught my eye as far as headlines, tweets, conversations, articles, and the like. It will evolve over time, so please send feedback via comments and email. Tell me if there are things you wish I included, stuff you can do without and whether the format rocks, makes you dizzy or somewhere in between.
As always, my twitter feeds will appear on the side of my website and I still plan to maintain the Read, Watch, Listen tab with periodic updates. If you have additions or suggestions, you can leave them in the comments on those pages and we can keep each other current.

Best of the Left Podcast

If you haven’t seen the collaboration with The Best of the Left Podcast I started this summer, now’s the time to get caught up! BOTL has been aggregating the best of the liberal media since 2006, putting out 10 one-hour podcasts each month organized around current topics such as healthcare, education, reproductive rights, racism, etc. When creator/producer Jay! Tomlinson decided to infuse episodes with activism opportunities, I was brought in to write the segments and push them out via social media. I’m really enjoying facilitating the discussion on the BOTL Facebook and Twitter feeds; the listeners are great, which is no surprise considering the caliber of show. You can subscribe to the BOTL YouTube channel or the podcast, or just pick the segments up from my website and weekly email.

In the works….

More projects and collaborations are in the works and I’m psyched about where they might be headed. No, I’m not going to tell you anything else. The more you share my posts and clips, the faster I can expand, so thanks to everyone who already spreads me around!

If you found this post informative, entertaining, helpful, etc. you can subscribe to the Katie Speak Mailer which has all my posts, Tawkers live chats, radio segments and activism info. You can also click SUPPORT to keep me speaking and follow me on Facebook and twitter. Thanks!

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