Hal Sparks Radio Pgm — Now with 100% less Hal Sparks! (10/06/13)

Announcement! The Katie Speak Live Archives feed is up on iTunes! Subscribe to never miss my spots with Hal, Ledge and others! There will be a podcast feed for the audio versions of my blog posts coming as well, so stay tuned.

If you’re streaming/downloading/tuning in for Hal Sparks, you won’t find him here! I took over the hosting seat and the mic on October 6, 2013 to talk GOP shutdown. I stacked the show with my favorite people and let them tackle how the Republican intransigence affects real people. We threw out stats and facts inconvenient to Speaker Boehner and his caucus, mocked the insanity of a Congressional minority demanding something for doing their damn jobs and I took down a ring-wing caller who thought he’d amuse himself by playing “Stump the Fill-in Host.”

We had a very heart-felt story from a listener who understands what cuts to the WIC program mean, ridiculous audio provided by Johnny — in the sidecar as always, and I gave producer Dennis a heart-attack by announcing that the FCC was out of commission due to the shutdown. Check it out, share, subscribe and go follow/read/listen to/enjoy my badass guests!

Stream/download: Full fledged iTunes version

Faster download/android compatible mp3 version:

Guest info:
Robin Marty, reproductive justice warrior! Also, author of Crow After Roe, a book everyone should get, and journalist/encyclopedia of state-level repro health issues, laws and pending legislation.

Michael Brooks, producer and contributor to The Majority Report and host of Intersection at Aslan Media.

Cliff Schecter, progressive media guru, pundit, author, advocate and gracious guest.

Imani Gandy, The Angry Black Lady, host/writer/blogger/recovering lawyer/reproductive rights and intersectional feminist badass.

Dean Obeidallah, comedian and filmmaker of the new documentary The Muslims are Coming!, now rent-able/buy-able on iTunes. Here’s his opinion piece, 10% of Americans like Congress: Are they nuts?, we discuss on the show.

Ilyse Hogue, President of NARAL Pro-Choice America.

You can hear the Hal Sparks Radio Program every Saturday on WCPT Chicago’s Progressive Talk, 820AM from 12-2pmEST. Stream the audio, watch via the ustream and join the conversation by calling: 773.763.9278.

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