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If you’re new to my blog and the name didn’t give it away, it turns out writing isn’t the only way I express myself. I’m a talker. Always have been. Never expected people would ask me to do it after years of getting in trouble with teachers, but it’s a nice surprise. I am a regular contributor to The Hal Sparks Radio Program and the New Media Mondays feature on Dangerous Conversation with Scott Legere and I show up here and there when asked to rail on reproductive justice, the First Amendment and any other topic relevant to current news or culture.

NOTE! I’m in the process of moving all my audio to this site under the “Katie Speak Live!” tab where you found this post. Thanks for your patience while the content is transferred over. In the meantime, you can still access the clips by clicking the links below or visiting their old home at the Katie Speak Live Archives page. The episodes have show notes, extra info and solid tags/descriptions in case you’re looking for something specific or just want more information on the issues we discussed. (All of that and more will be a part of the new design.)

My first real spot was on The Hal Sparks Radio Program to talk about Todd Akin and his legitimate rape remarks. Two weeks later I was in studio for the whole show. Pardon the audio quality (or lack thereof); the awesome producer, Dennis, wasn’t dropping the audio to me yet and I didn’t have the equipment to edit it. But, if you want to check out how I became a regular contributor, here it is:

Regular Appearances:

Ted Cruz Faux Filibuster Fundraising, 9/28/13
Papal Praise! 9/21/13
HSRP, No War With Syria, 9/7/13
HSRP, Anniversary Episode! Live in NYC, 8/23/13
HSRP, Chicago Stands Up To ALEC, 8/10/13
HSRP, Confessions of a Single Woman, 8/3/13
HSRP, Dominating Democracy, 7/13/13
HSRP, Talkin’ Texas, 6/29/13
HSRP, Fetal Masturbation Leads to 20-week Abortion Ban, 6/22/13
HSRP, Tag Team Patriarchal SmackDown, 6/15/13
HSRP, I’m Officially a Feminist Menace, 6/8/13
HSRP, Louie Gohmert Needs to Stop Talking, 5/25/13
HSRP, Military Rape, 5/18/13
HSRP, LIVE in NYC with Lee Camp, 4/27/13
HSRP, Sexy Liberal Chicago 2013

Dangerous Conversation:

Dangerous Conversation, Papal Praise Tour Continues! 9/23/13
Dangerous Conversation, We Are Each Other’s Sandpaper: breaking down privilege, 7/22/13
Dangerous Conversation, New Media Mondays Launch, 5/20/13
Dangerous Conversation, Tag Team Vaginas vs the Pro-Life Label, 2/2013

Other Spots:

Matthew Filipowicz:

The Story of My Unplanned Pregnancy is Pretty Typical — So Why Don’t We Hear It More Often?

The Stephanie Miller Show:

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