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♦ Social media contracting resume

I can confidently and articulately discuss any issue, but am most often called on to comment on reproductive rights/healthcare access colliding with conservative politics and culture. You can access a selected archive of my appearances linked below and at Katie Speak Live.

You can read my work in Bitch Magazine: “Lessons from Law & Order: Twenty-One Writers Share Their Takeaways from America’s Favorite Crime Procedural” — Spring Issue, 2015

at Buzzfeed:
“How Rolling Stone Gave A Gift To Rape Apologists”

at RH Reality Check:
“My Latest Reproductive Health Procedure Makes Anti-Choicers Seem Even More Hypocritical”
“Your Right to Abortion Care Is in Danger—No Matter Where You Live”

at Truthout:
“Open Letter to Legislators From a Clinic Escort”
“Anti-Choice Extremism: Cultural Denial and Political Consequences”
“Protecting Abortion Clinics – Without a Buffer Zone”
“The Uncertainty of Access: Reproductive Health in the Rio Grande Valley”
“What Do Joni Ernst’s Senate Win and Support for Embryo “Personhood” Really Tell Us?”
“New Year, Same as the Old Year? 2015 Reproductive Rights Preview”

at Salon: ““Are the white women wearing actual chains?”: Meet the abortion rights group Texas feminists oppose”

“In Texas, Activist Group “Stop Patriarchy” Draws Criticism”
“The Bizarre Tradition of Anti-Choice Christmas Caroling”
“In Reality, Not All Americans Have Access to Safe, Legal Abortion”

at Alternet:
“Activist Group Comes Under Fire for Equating Abortion Restrictions With Slavery”

at The Frisky:
““The Soapbox: TIME Shouldn’t Question #WhyIStayed”

at HuffingtonPost Women:
“Dear George Will — A Few Words on My #SurvivorPrivilege”

and at The Brad Blog:
“‘Open Season on Reproductive Healthcare Clinics’: A Clinic Escort Responds to Today’s Supreme Court ‘Buffer Zone’ Decision”

I also write the activism segments for Best of the Left Podcast.

I have appeared at independent sites such as This Week in Blackness, Raging Chicken Press and The Angry Black Lady Chronicles.

I have been published previously in Illinois Magazine, the Liberty Suburban Newspaper group, Dancing USA Magazine, and helped research the national best seller, Once Upon a Town which was recently honored as 2014’s One Book One Nebraska selection.


Shorty Award-nominated Social Media Director, The Best of the Left Podcast (June 2013-current)

Reed award-winning Social Media Director/co-producer/fundraiser, Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can Choose telethon (November 2013)

Social Media Director, Lady Parts Justice Launch (07/15/14), #LPJLaunch


Board Member, The Clinic Vest Project, a non-profit that provides vests and training to clinic defense escort groups across North America

Volunteer, Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest

Volunteer, New York Abortion Access Fund


I am reachable for radio/podcast/tv interviews/panels and contracted writing and speaking via email at, on Twitter and on Facebook.

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