♦ Bio, media contributor/writing resume
♦ Social media contracting resume

I can confidently and articulately discuss any issue, but am most often called on to comment on reproductive rights/healthcare access colliding with conservative politics and culture. You can access a selected archive of my appearances linked below and at Katie Speak Live.

You can read my work at Buzzfeed:
“How Rolling Stone Gave A Gift To Rape Apologists”

at RH Reality Check:
“My Latest Reproductive Health Procedure Makes Anti-Choicers Seem Even More Hypocritical”

at Truthout:
“Open Letter to Legislators From a Clinic Escort”
“Anti-Choice Extremism: Cultural Denial and Political Consequences”
“Protecting Abortion Clinics – Without a Buffer Zone”
“The Uncertainty of Access: Reproductive Health in the Rio Grande Valley”
“What Do Joni Ernst’s Senate Win and Support for Embryo “Personhood” Really Tell Us?”

at Salon: ““Are the white women wearing actual chains?”: Meet the abortion rights group Texas feminists oppose”

“In Texas, Activist Group “Stop Patriarchy” Draws Criticism”
“The Bizarre Tradition of Anti-Choice Christmas Caroling”

at Alternet:
“Activist Group Comes Under Fire for Equating Abortion Restrictions With Slavery”

at The Frisky:
““The Soapbox: TIME Shouldn’t Question #WhyIStayed”

at HuffingtonPost Women:
“Dear George Will — A Few Words on My #SurvivorPrivilege”

and at The Brad Blog:
“‘Open Season on Reproductive Healthcare Clinics’: A Clinic Escort Responds to Today’s Supreme Court ‘Buffer Zone’ Decision”

I also write the activism segments for Best of the Left Podcast.

I have appeared at independent sites such as This Week in Blackness, Raging Chicken Press and The Angry Black Lady Chronicles.

I have been published previously in Illinois Magazine, the Liberty Suburban Newspaper group, Dancing USA Magazine, and helped research the national best seller, Once Upon a Town which was recently honored as 2014’s One Book One Nebraska selection.


Shorty Award-nominated Social Media Director, The Best of the Left Podcast (June 2013-current)

Reed award-winning Social Media Director/co-producer/fundraiser, Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can Choose telethon (November 2013)

Social Media Director, Lady Parts Justice Launch (07/15/14), #LPJLaunch


Board Member, The Clinic Vest Project, a non-profit that provides vests and training to clinic defense escort groups across North America

Volunteer, Planned Parenthood of the Pacific Southwest

Volunteer, New York Abortion Access Fund


I am reachable for radio/podcast/tv interviews/panels and contracted writing and speaking via email at, on Twitter and on Facebook.

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